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My Marking system

2010-09-02 14:28:51 by URSystems

My marking system is as followed...

/3 for music
/3 for art
/3 for Gameplay, Animation
1 for making it onto newgrounds
if still under 10 /1 Bonus for enjoyment, or if its a sequeal

divide the total by 2 for /5.


2010-05-03 16:19:20 by URSystems

sos i wasnt online for ages. I was working on a new project. An app reader where flash artists can create their own apps and play them on there as well sa download the, from me. Also I have been improving my platform making skills on Lonley world. The first one was a demo i used for testing and stuff so there. The second one (the one Im making now) is the first one. Confusing (slightly) this will be used for the actual first game. You must be wondering why I didnt post on these tests well I did. And lets say that they had bad ratings because nobody went on them. I make these games for fun and they arent very good. If I had one good ratigh I mgiht be able to prove myself as a good flash artist and URS too. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you. Momodou joof got bored and left but I gained someone else called Shannon Hillman. She is a really good artist and wants to start posting her work online. She encouraged me to make that Misteri the hedghog with her Gold idea. She draws by hand and makes ammazing artwork. I should have some on by the end of the month.

Signing off
Tim K
the owner of URS

Im back

2010-03-01 10:50:44 by URSystems

Hi guys im back. Sorry for the long silence I was working on a mobile game for all URS executives. Well its really just a database. Oh I also got a normal Xbox yestoday so if any of you have Halo 2 can you give me some help.

Signing off
Tim K
Owner of URS


2010-02-22 14:49:53 by URSystems

My lonley world demo is out. It has the first 2 levels the instruction level and the basics level made and also i made the first boss although the first boss is kind of imposible because of his extremely quick speed. I made it specificly like that so its harder but there is a way of killing him without pressing the button behind him. PM me and I will send you it. I know This is only a demo but I wanted to know what the public thought of it. Everybody at my school says the demo is awlsome and cant wait for the game to come out. So we wanted to see if anybody else on Newgrounds likes it and depending on whether or not we might have to close down the lonley world game project so there.


2010-02-20 11:20:47 by URSystems

Hi Guys its me. I wanted to update you all on my projects. Over the past day I was working on the ds game I was making. I havent thought of a name but it is a platformer i have almost finished the sprites so as soon as I finish I will post a Link onto here to the download page. May I remind you that it will only work on an R4 or if you have an emulator (best DS emulator : no$GBA it works for GBA to). Also my onley world project has been working great but if anyone can tell me how to add small animations within your platformer I need it for a small boss i am adding now. I will give you more info every day I can go online. Oh and we have a few more people workin for URS now bellow is the list of current workers:

Timofey K, Owner and Main scripter
Sean Jubb, Producer
Momodou, Tester

If you want to help as a scripter or an artist I will greatly apreciate it. Our website is coming along nicely and another one of our series games called Sonic Z ( you must know where I thought the name of).

Signing Of
Tim K
Owner of URS

Hi all

2010-02-19 05:21:50 by URSystems

Hi Guys im new at NG. The scripter that inspired me to start scripting is a guy called JonBro and his riddleschool series. I am working on a few projects at the mooment one of them is a Nintendo DS game that people can play on there R4's. I am also making a flash game called Lonely World, Forgotten Island. It will be a platform game and will be the first of my lonely world series. Your player is the last of the stickmen, The world has been taken over by Dot men and you are the last hope of all the rest of the stickmen in crysis state. It will be sort of a racing game where your charater will be on a hoverboard trying to get to the door, Being chased by different types of enemies on each level which get quicker and quicker. If you can help me with ideas post me a private message so that I could make it better, or even better if you can try to write the script for me I would be even more gratefull.

Signing Out
Tim K
The creator of URS