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2010-02-20 11:20:47 by URSystems

Hi Guys its me. I wanted to update you all on my projects. Over the past day I was working on the ds game I was making. I havent thought of a name but it is a platformer i have almost finished the sprites so as soon as I finish I will post a Link onto here to the download page. May I remind you that it will only work on an R4 or if you have an emulator (best DS emulator : no$GBA it works for GBA to). Also my onley world project has been working great but if anyone can tell me how to add small animations within your platformer I need it for a small boss i am adding now. I will give you more info every day I can go online. Oh and we have a few more people workin for URS now bellow is the list of current workers:

Timofey K, Owner and Main scripter
Sean Jubb, Producer
Momodou, Tester

If you want to help as a scripter or an artist I will greatly apreciate it. Our website is coming along nicely and another one of our series games called Sonic Z ( you must know where I thought the name of).

Signing Of
Tim K
Owner of URS


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