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Hi all

2010-02-19 05:21:50 by URSystems

Hi Guys im new at NG. The scripter that inspired me to start scripting is a guy called JonBro and his riddleschool series. I am working on a few projects at the mooment one of them is a Nintendo DS game that people can play on there R4's. I am also making a flash game called Lonely World, Forgotten Island. It will be a platform game and will be the first of my lonely world series. Your player is the last of the stickmen, The world has been taken over by Dot men and you are the last hope of all the rest of the stickmen in crysis state. It will be sort of a racing game where your charater will be on a hoverboard trying to get to the door, Being chased by different types of enemies on each level which get quicker and quicker. If you can help me with ideas post me a private message so that I could make it better, or even better if you can try to write the script for me I would be even more gratefull.

Signing Out
Tim K
The creator of URS


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