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2010-05-03 16:19:20 by URSystems

sos i wasnt online for ages. I was working on a new project. An app reader where flash artists can create their own apps and play them on there as well sa download the, from me. Also I have been improving my platform making skills on Lonley world. The first one was a demo i used for testing and stuff so there. The second one (the one Im making now) is the first one. Confusing (slightly) this will be used for the actual first game. You must be wondering why I didnt post on these tests well I did. And lets say that they had bad ratings because nobody went on them. I make these games for fun and they arent very good. If I had one good ratigh I mgiht be able to prove myself as a good flash artist and URS too. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you. Momodou joof got bored and left but I gained someone else called Shannon Hillman. She is a really good artist and wants to start posting her work online. She encouraged me to make that Misteri the hedghog with her Gold idea. She draws by hand and makes ammazing artwork. I should have some on by the end of the month.

Signing off
Tim K
the owner of URS


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